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Pattern Main Description: 

If you don't know already, the Portland Rig gets its name due to its creation being perfect for fishing in the fast tide which runs off Portland in Dorset. The Portland is a very versatile rig and particularly attractive to a number of species when fishing over reefs as well as inshore or offshore. The long flowing trace is perfect for drifting with baits such as eel and mackerel.

Our Portland rig uses our Uptide hook (SCR 21) which is the ideal weight and shape for uptide fishing. The hook is attached to the longest stretch of mono on the rig, which we have at 105cm.This long length to the hook is advantageous as it allows it to flow and create commotion in the water to pull in a good catch.

Although the length to hook has its advantages, it can also be a disadvantage as rig control can be tricky. This is no problem though as long as you remember to release the line slowly! Releasing slowly helps to keep the hook out stretched in the tide. For example, when the tide is dropping, if you were to drop the line too fast you could end up in quite a tangle with an annoyingly poor bait presentation so all your efforts could be lost! 

Our Cox & Rawle Portland Rig is ideal for bass and all manner of species.