Pattern Main Description: 

Our Cox & Rawle Uptide Extra hook (SCR 22) is the perfect hook for the Wishbone Rig. It has heavy wire for added strength and is great for fast tides which means it will be ideally robust for use on a rig. In fact it is so successful that it is featured twice on this rig! The two hooks together mean that the bait scent is maximised and the hooks working together side by side becomes super attractive for the fish! If you are still struggling for a bite you can also switch up the bait so that you can offer 2 different scents at once. Fishing for Plaice is the perfect use for our wishbone rig for this time of year when Plaice are the target for the more wintery months. The rig is also great for a whole variety of other fish, Bass, Cod, Rays and Smoothound. The Wishbone rig is nice and long which we achieve with varying lengths of Mono from 30 – 60cm, the majority of the rig measuring the 60cm. This means that the rig can move easily through the water and really give the bait natural movement.