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We always endeavour to keep up to date with new innovative products so that we provide quality of choice and advice going forward in all areas of Game Angling. We are passionate about Game Angling and we love to provide willing advice to new and existing anglers.

We have a very good knowledge of the loughs, private fisheries and rivers of Ireland and we can help pick a variety of flies that will catch fish at various locations depending on the season, location and conditions.

Come into the shop and talk to Karl all about Game Angling in Ireland. During the winter months, he concentrates on pike angling and pursuing the rainbow and brown trout in the various new private fisheries. In recent years Karl caught one of the largest early season Brown Trout on Lough Corrib on a fly, which weighed in at 7lbs 12ozs.

We have a wide range of experience in game and Coarse Fishing. Whether it is off a beach or on a boat, we will advise on what bait and tackle to use, depending on location, conditions and season.

We pride ourselves on our knowledge and our customer service and we will be more than happy to provide good advice on any aspect of Coarse Fishing and will ensure there are plenty of items displayed on the shop stands for selection and as always will keep up with innovative changes in Coarse Fishing and angling methods and new products being introduced to the market. Come into the shop and talk to us about Coarse Fishing in Ireland.  We had a wide range of experience in game/coarse angling and a good knowledge of sea angling and would love to meet and chat!

We are experts in sea angling and we can advise on what bait and tackle to use, depending on



We also have plenty of advice and expertise in Beach and Boat Angling. We can  service and repair reels or rods proving the particular items have not gone past their best! Sometimes the cost of repairing an item can be more expensive than replacing it with a model of the same quality. Once again we are exceptional at customer service and will provide good advice on any aspect of angling and will ensure there are plenty of items displayed on the shop stands for selection.

80 Clanbrassil Street
Lower Dublin 8
Co. Dublin
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